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I've learned some Tips and found some Tools that I want to share with you!

One of my New Year Resolutions is to track how much money I am saving through coupons.

As a "newbie" last year my focus was finding the best organizational system for me and just "getting started". (You can watch a video of how I organize my coupons here)

I know it's CRAZY but I get really excited to see how much I save after each shopping trip....imagine how I will feel if I keep track all year and am able to see the savings GROW! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Karen, author of has created a spreadsheet to track all your SAVINGS!  It is fantastic! You can find information about this worksheet here

The spreadsheet includes many stores (not just Publix) and can be edited to add your favorites if they are not already included. Just subscribe to Karen's blog and you will have access to the spreadsheet! 

I'll keep you updated on how much I'm saving...let me know how you're doing!!  

Competing for Your Business!

Remember if you shop at Publix, they accept competitor coupons because they WANT your business. To learn more you can read my story here.

So....Which Competitors does your Publix accept? Once again Karen, author of has come to the rescue! Karen has gathered this information for many stores!  You can access this spreadsheet here.

Don't see your store listed or have questions? Click here to read her story and/or help Karen improve this spreadsheet by filling out the form to share information on your store.

Save More with Enjoy the City Books


If you shop at Winn Dixie or a Publix that accepts them as a competitor...this is a MUST DO DEAL!
These books normally sell for $20 but they run specials that really help you MAXIMIZE your grocery store savings!  (Plus enjoy other venues in your city!)

The front of many books include 4 Winn Dixie Coupons!

If you buy the book at normal price, after using these coupons, the book pays for itself!

But we want to do MORE than just break even....and we CAN with the FANTASTIC special they currently have going on! 

If you buy 3 or more books you get 65% off! Plus if you order 7 they will DOUBLE your order!

You will get 14 books for the price of 7! That makes each book only cost $3.50! If you use the 4 - Winn Dixie coupons you are actually making $16.50 per book!!

To get your deal, simply head over to Enjoy the City, add your books to your cart, and enter the code 2013 at checkout. The sold out or unavailable books will not be able to be added to the cart.

Be aware that the Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books ordered. Your bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the redemption process.

You can “preview” the book for your area before you order to make sure the Winn Dixie coupons are included – they are usually the first coupons in the book.

Check out this example of how this can help MAXIMIZE your grocery savings!

Buy 7 books (using code 2013) for $49 (you will receive 14 books)
Includes (56) $5 Winn Dixie Coupons or a savings of $280 on your groceries!
Spend $49 to save $280!
What a DEAL!!

Don't think you would use that many coupons? Get together with a few friends and place an order together! 

I hope the Tips and Tools I included today help in your quest to save money!

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