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2 Saving BIG $ at Publix!

Oh, Publix, "Where Shopping is a Pleasure"...the store's motto truly fits.  Growing up in Florida, this was the only place my parents shopped and my northern relatives still rave about the store when visiting the "Sunshine State".
Using coupons at Publix
So last December when my friend, Patty, said she saved around 50% off her bill every time she went to Publix...I was NOT a believer!

I couldn't walk out of Publix without spending $70 (and all my purchases fit into one bag!)  I already shopped the BOGOs (buy one get one free) and had the occasional coupon here or there.

The information shared with me has saved my family $$$ hundreds of dollars this year $$$!!  

I had been a LONG time customer of Publix but never knew how spectacular they really are!! Their new Motto - Love to Shop Here...Love to Save Here! Really Fits!!
Using coupons at Publix

Publix accepts competitors coupons!

Each store has it's own policy about which competitors they accept depending on the location of stores around them.  My Publix accepts store coupons from Winn Dixie, Target, Save-A-Lot, The Fresh Market and Whole Foods. (Food Lion went out of business)  
Check your store (at the weekly ad display) for a card (pictured below) or ask at customer service.

Using Coupons at Publix

Stack Coupons!

I had no idea what stacking coupons was...but now I know it is a way to save BIG! Publix will accept a store coupon (from Publix or any of your store's competitors) AND a manufacturer's coupon for one item.   

This is a Publix store coupon for Libby's Vegetables:

This is Manufacturer's coupon for Libby's Vegetables:

You can STACK these coupons! Buy 4 cans of Libby's vegetables and receive
$1.00 off with store coupon + $1.00 off manufacturer coupon = $2.00 off!

Use the Weekly Ad to Maximize Savings!

If you prepare a list using the weekly ad and your coupons... this will maximize your savings!

Don't get the Thursday paper? No problem! I view the weekly ad from the Publix website

Check out the possibilities!

This week  at my store, Libby's Vegetables are on sale BOGO (buy one get one free) 

Buy one at $1.19 get one free... BUT using the coupons above would MAXIMIZE your savings!

Buy 2 cans of Libby's vegetables at $1.19 each = $2.38
Get 2 FREE!
(so according to Publix you are buying 4 cans and can use the coupons!)
Use one Publix store coupon = $1.00 off
Use one manufacturer coupon = $1.00 off
4 cans of vegetables for $2.38 - $2.00 in coupons = ONLY .38 cents!!  

4 cans of veggies for 38 cents ~ WOW!

See how STACKING Maximizes Savings!! 

Find Coupons!

Coupons are everywhere! The Sunday paper is a great place to start! I get 2 papers each Sunday.  Check with your carrier for discounts for couponers! 

Look around your store for:
  • Blinkies, (boxes with blinking lights that automatically dispense coupons)
  • Peelies, (coupons you peel off products) and 
  • coupon books in the store!

The Internet is another great place to get coupons! Here is the link to my favorite coupon source,

(You are allowed 2 prints of each coupon.)

Take a Coupon Class!

I have attended two coupon classes in the past year. 
For those of you in the Tampa/St Pete area here is a link of upcoming classes provided by TrueCouponing.

If you live in another area or don't even have a Publix near you don't fret! Search Google for classes in your area! 

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