Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3 Saving Made Easy - My Favorite Blogs!

When I used to hear people talk about couponing, I thought - Who has the time??  The idea of getting the weekly ads, looking through all my coupons...didn't I have that one coupon for Snuggle...I thought I did??? Where is it??? (If you need help organizing your coupons watch my video here)

It was OVERWHELMING! I couldn't commit that much time to this saving money thing....

BUT then I found two FANTASTIC Blogs and realized with their help - "I CAN do this!"

Matching it Up -

Did you know there are blogs that match up your favorite store's ad and tell you EXACTLY where to get the coupons!? LOVE THEM!!

My Favorite Blogs -

Since I am a Publix shopper - one of my favorite blogs is -

This blog is run by an AMAZING lady named Michelle! This site is TOTALLY focused on the Publix shopper. Michelle lives in Georgia, so there are times her ad is slightly different then mine in NE Florida.  This blog has been a wonderful tool for me!

When you click on the "I Heart Publix" box above you will go to her awesome site.  When you get there at the top click on "Publix Deals" then "weekly ad" it will look like the picture below. These are deals for the upcoming ad starting Wednesday or Thursday depending where you live.  The items with check marks are "Super Deals" in the area where she lives.  Listed below are the coupons.
  • Red -  These are coupons found in the inserts from the Sunday paper, tearpad or blinkie in store. For example: (using screen shot below) There was a coupon for Swiss Miss in the Sunday paper on 12/09/2012 in the SS insert (Smart Source) that expires on 01/19/2013.
  • Green - These are links to Internet coupons! You can click on these links to get the coupon.  For example: If your Publix store accepts Target, as a competitor, you can click on the link to print the Target coupon.
Remember that is how you can MAXIMIZE your savings by using both coupons. You can read that story here.

Here is another of my all time FAVS!

This blog is run by Karen, who I consider one of my mentors!  I have taken two of her coupon classes and she shares a wealth of knowledge both in class and on her web site! The great thing about her web site is she has match-ups to other stores besides Publix.  She has deal breakdowns from Winn Dixie, Target, and Whole Foods (Plus Many Others!)

When you click on the "Saving the Family Money" box above you will enter a world of savings!  When you get to her site click on "Store Deals" at top. Then pick your store! I have chosen Winn Dixie for the example below.
  • Black -  Fuel Perk deals and coupons found in the inserts in the Sunday paper, tearpad or blinkie in store. For example: (using screen shot below) there was a coupon for Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers in the Sunday insert in SS (Smart Source) on 12/09/12 and exp. (expires) 2/2/13.
  • Red -  These are links to Internet coupons! You can click on these to get the coupon.

Remember Karen offers Coupon Classes in NE Florida as I mentioned in my story here.

Savings Made Simple!

I wouldn't be able to save money on food and other household items if it wasn't for ALL the HARD WORK of these two ladies, Michelle and Karen.  Now I can use that money on other things... like trips to visit my girls!!

Who is going to use these tips to save $$??!!

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Let me know by leaving a comment below! Have another suggestion to save $$? Please share it with me! I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I am going to try this. I, like you, always said to myself, "Who in their right mind has time for coupon clipping???!!!" I would prefer to pay the extra money than to save 10 cents here and there. I mean, time IS money, right? What you are showing here is completely different, free stuff, wow!!! I have talked with a lot of women who do this. The feedback to my negative comments about, "who could be bothered?" generate a different response. People who take the time say that if you begin doing this,it becomes a game--we all like games, pretty much! But,once the game begins, it becomes addicting, sort of like crosswords and Sudoko (which I am definitely not adddicted to, but a lot of people are!)...more than anything, it is a fun game (from what I hear!) I have decided to challenge myself with this fun game....will report back next week. Let the fun begin :)

    Oh, and incidentally, I did some home organizing yesterday, thanks to your inspiration. Love your blog, Sharon! :) Jen

    1. Very well said! I totally agree! I was not a believer...but it did become a game. I figure why pay full price for something when you can get it so CHEAP! The sites I shared do ALL the work...well I still have to go to the store but... I get so excited when I look to see what I have saved. Let the games begin!! Keep me posted!
      I'm trying to be more organized myself. I'll share some of the ideas I have found (and tried) in some future blogs.
      Thanks for reading!


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