Tuesday, February 12, 2013

0 Heart Folded Napkins

 Make these adorable and easy heart napkins for your Valentine!

 I "Heart" This Idea!

 My youngest darling Shelby, came home to attend my Valentine Brunch. You can read about the brunch here.

I asked her to help set the table and before I knew it....she had created a festive setting!


Do It Yourself!

Before she headed beck to college she was kind enough to take me through the directions...step by step.

How to Make a Heart Napkin

Lay out the napkin

Fold in half

 Fold the bottom up to about an inch from the top

Fold the right side up

 Fold the left side up

Turn it over and it should look like this

 Fold one corner down

Fold the other three corners down

Turn it over and Presto - CUTENESS!

Now it was time for Shelby to relax after helping her Mama!

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