Monday, May 19, 2014

8 Dealing With Graduation Emotions (Tips for Mom)

Graduation...New Life Ahead! What about the people you leave behind?

College Bound Babies...What's a Mama To Do? 

Exciting Times!! A New Chapter, New Beginnings, New Dreams....but wait!!!

How does that chapter look for Mom?

Graduation Blues

Rarely do I talk to a Mother who doesn't think she will need a box of tissues (or two) to get through the emotional roller coaster of a child graduating from High School. (or college)

Questions I'm frequently asked..
How did you deal with your youngest moving away to college? 
How did you adjust to the girls being on their own? 
How do you deal with the sadness?

I want to thank my friend Laura for inspiring me to write this post, she recently shared that her daughter is leaving home to attend grad school...although she is filled with joy and happiness for her daughter's accomplishments she is also overwhelmed with how much she will miss her...

Those darn mixed emotions...we ALL experience them.  On one hand we are a proud parent and on the other hand we are panicking....What is next for ME??!!!  For US? How will this affect our relationship?

Tips To Cope ~ When your Babies Leave the Nest

Here are the things that have helped me through the process.  I am in no way claiming to be an expert...I am still dealing with my "empty nest" on a daily basis!


Keep Talking!! Daily, Hourly....they miss you too! 

We are fortunate to have the ability to communicate...cell phones and computers have opened the door! Text messages, Face Time, email, Skype the options are endless.
Don't have a smart phone yet? Time to get one! 

Remember that your college bound baby is off trying to fit into a new world...Don't get offended if they can't talk or don't reply to a text right away....heck they might be doing homework : )

Keep your conversations positive...let them know they can call at anytime to share anything!

My daughters and I talked everyday, I was lucky they lived together in when I talked to one I knew they were both okay!


Visit as often as possible...or as allowed.  You don't want to visit so often they don't have an opportunity to establish a life of their own.  I really enjoyed visiting during football season...nothing like college football mixed with family bonding to make some awesome memories!

Care Packages

Who wouldn't love getting a taste of home via the UPS man?  Honestly it was therapy for me as well.  Shopping for things I knew the girls would enjoy gave me great pleasure.  Little things like snacks, personal/beauty items, gift cards for local from home.   A brain power pack to be delivered the week before exams filled with peppermints, dark chocolate, highlighters, and post it tabs.  

Focus on You concept, NOT something you may be used to but it is time to "get to know" yourself again.  You may want to read my post on the Importance of Balance in Motherhood

Ask yourself...
  • What do I like to do? 
Reestablish those hobbies or find some new ones!!                              
  • I have always LOVED to take pictures but now I am learning more about photography, bought a new camera and am taking tons of pictures!  
  • I go to the gym (which I'm learning to enjoy) 
  • I started a blog (which I LOVE that you are reading!!)  
Other ideas?   Take a class, join a book club, start a dinner club

Time for YOU!

Listen to your bodies signs! Take time to relax and enjoy... Don't throw yourself into work like I did. : ( It helped for a little while....but not long!
  • Don't feel guilty about heading to the beach to read a book all day
  • Do something you enjoy...Don't fill your weekends running errands


Lean on Friends ~ Ask for Help

Have you let some of your friends's okay...rekindle those friendships! Make new friends!
  •  Enjoy some girl time! Go away on a girl's only weekend!
  • Laugh...nothing heals the heart better!
  • It's okay to cry and grieve but if you feel like this is getting worse with time instead of better...please, talk to your doctor!


Contribute to Society

Nothing feels better than giving back to your community.  I am lucky to have a career  that surrounds me with children ages 4-11.  Nothing like it to keep you young at heart and remind you what life is all about on a daily basis!
What can you do?
  • contact local schools - they ALWAYS need and welcome volunteers!
  • volunteer at the public library
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Contact Big Sister or other mentoring agencies in your area! A lucky child would flourish with YOU as a mentor!

Embrace Change

Life like you know it will change BUT new exciting times are in store for YOU...if you let it happen!

Been through graduation? Let us know how you are dealing with it!
How do you deal with your children getting older? Getting married?
I would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for Reading!

Stay in Touch!

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  1. Ah Sharon, timely post. In two weeks we're about to become Empty Nesters but I have to say, at almost 56 years old...bring it! I'm ready for some Me time, have Haagen Daz for supper if I feel like it, crank up the stereo to MY music and not get the evil eye, and the list goes on. It may hit me after I go through my List Of Things To Enjoy Being an Empty Nester! LOL
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

    1. Well Marie looks like 1 more week until you join the "Empty Nester" Club! Sounds like you are approaching it with the right attitude!

      It is a time to concentrate on YOU! Ice Cream for dinner... Cranking up your are my kinda gal!!

      Would love to hear your list of "Things to Enjoy being an Empty Nester"
      Keep in Touch...Enjoy!
      That's what life is ALL about!

  2. Wow! There's so much wisdom in this post, Sharon...but that's no surprise! I love hearing the ways you cope with a child's graduation...both by staying in touch but also focusing on YOU. Yes, that's a most important piece in the puzzle! Sending you a big squeeze, my friend. Miss you! P.S. Did you get your ticket for FL Blog Con yet? Hint hint, nudge nudge.... ;-)

    1. Thank you my sweet Lauren!! Needed that "squeeze" more than you know!
      Miss you too...Looking into the conference today!!
      I'll keep you posted!

  3. Great post, I'll bookmark it to read again when he goes off to college in the Fall.

  4. Such great tips - thanks so much for sharing them at the Friday Frenzy!

  5. Amazing tips! We are definitely about care packaged helping with the transition to college!

  6. It's my son's senior year of high school and I'm a mess. I need to hear that your relationships with your kids doesn't go away when they do.


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