Monday, May 19, 2014

8 Dealing With Graduation Emotions (Tips for Mom)

Graduation...New Life Ahead! What about the people you leave behind?

College Bound Babies...What's a Mama To Do? 

Exciting Times!! A New Chapter, New Beginnings, New Dreams....but wait!!!

How does that chapter look for Mom?

Graduation Blues

Rarely do I talk to a Mother who doesn't think she will need a box of tissues (or two) to get through the emotional roller coaster of a child graduating from High School. (or college)

Questions I'm frequently asked..
How did you deal with your youngest moving away to college? 
How did you adjust to the girls being on their own? 
How do you deal with the sadness?

I want to thank my friend Laura for inspiring me to write this post, she recently shared that her daughter is leaving home to attend grad school...although she is filled with joy and happiness for her daughter's accomplishments she is also overwhelmed with how much she will miss her...

Those darn mixed emotions...we ALL experience them.  On one hand we are a proud parent and on the other hand we are panicking....What is next for ME??!!!  For US? How will this affect our relationship?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

8 Sometimes...Life Happens

Where in the world have you been? Everything okay at the Nest?  

Where have I been? I last posted on my birthday over two months ago...when I asked myself some tough questions....honestly I've been searching for answers.

Priority Check

I took these last two months to get some priorities in order.   I have been doing a lot of growing and changing since my girls left the nest... I find myself wanting different things from life:
  • to play
  • to sit back and enjoy
  • to experience life to the fullest
 My life used to remind me of a song by Alabama

I'm in a hurry to get things done....
I Rush and Rush until Lifes No Fun

Immersed in my career; working full time (50-60 hours a week) as an Elementary School Teacher, raced around bringing the girls to after school activities, spent every weekend running errands....As I look back, I'm disappointed that I rushed around without taking the time to stop and "smell the roses."

Now the advice I give to friends with young children, "Enjoy every moment, turn around twice and they are grown!"

Life One Day at a Time

I realize that my priorities have changed due to some life events.  The death of three friends (around my age) and my amazing sister, who has been battling cancer for the past 10 months.  (please keep those thoughts and prayers coming!)

As I wake up each morning, I don't focus on the negative but embrace the miracles of each new day.  Although I absolutely LOVE my job I no longer "Live to Work" but instead "I Work to Live".

I try to capture the beauty in each day....I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T5i and have been spending the weekends taking photographs instead of running errands. 
Taking the time to discover the miracles in each new day. #butterfly
Life is all about taking the time to discover the miracles in each new day. #hummingbird