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8 Fire Prevention Week - Home Fire Escape Plan

Is Your Family Prepared for a Fire?

I hope you had the opportunity to read My Story and understand my passion for Fire Safety!
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 When my house was engulfed with flames I didn't make great choices. 
  • I ran around dazed and confused
  • I thought about saving stuff and not me
  • I ignored all the things I had learned at some point in my life
Those mistakes could have cost me my life.  The only place I was taught about fire safety was in elementary school.  My family never reviewed the safety tips at home, therefore when faced with a  real fire, nothing was practiced or perfected in my mind.

Practice Fire Drills at Home

Our children practice fire drills at school on a monthly basis. Why? So they AUTOMATICALLY know what to do when they hear the fire alarm.  When our brains are faced with a stressful situation they do what they have been trained to do...So why don't you have Monthly Home Fire Drills?

Monthly Home Fire Drills

If you already practice this at home KUDOS TO YOU!!! Unfortunately this is a very uncommon practice!
True Story - When my girls were in third and fifth grade we were having a practice fire drill.  This was a nightly drill with the lights out.  As my oldest was removing her screen and creeping out the front window my neighbor spotted her.  "What are you doing?" He reprimanded her..."Do you know how upset your parents would be if they knew you were sneaking out?" "I'm Not!" she timidly answered, "We are having a fire drill...our meeting spot is the mailbox so they will be out here in a few minutes." Sure enough our neighbor waited to make sure she was being truthful...and then he confessed to us, "I NEVER thought of doing that with my kids"
Most of us don't....not because we are poor parents but because we often think...that will never happen to us.

Have Planned Practiced Drills and Surprise Drills

Make a map of your house and plan your escape routes.
Use these great sheet from Sparky!
Click to Download
Click to Download
Remember these tips!
  • Know to crawl low to the floor when escaping to avoid toxic smoke.
  • Know that once you’re out, stay out!
  • Know where to meet after the escape.
  • Meeting place should be near the front of your home, so firefighters know you are out.
  • Practice your fire escape plan with everyone, infants, toddlers, elderly! 
(at least Monthly)

Home Fire Drill Log

Use this log I created to hold your family accountable for monthly drills!
Click to Download
Do you already have home fire drills?
When are you planning your next (first) drill?
Being prepared is the first step to safety!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some awesome "Tips from a Fire Lieutenant"
*Update - Click here for Tips from a Fire Lieutenant!
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  1. Its such a smart idea to have a fire escape plan! Great resources--thanks for sharing.

    1. It is so IMPORTANT! During an emergency your body just goes into automatic if it knows what to do!
      Hope you will continue to read the rest of the tips I am sharing this week!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips, Sharon! I'm going to make a fire escape plan for us and our house. It's so important to be prepared for the worst!

    1. Good for you Lauren!
      Being prepared is the KEY!!
      I want to to stay safe my friend!

  3. Amazing. We do not do this. It s now first and foremost on my mind. Thank you, my friend. Just shared this on Twitter {and forgot to copy you} and FB. On to the next post!! xo

    1. Yea!!! So glad you are going to have a fire drill!!!
      Please let me know when you do and how it goes Claire!
      I want to give you a virtual high five!!

  4. Thankfully, my son's school made us do this every year!

  5. It will be wise to install fire extinguishers Ireland, at homes, offices and public places to ensure total safety against the fire incidences that causes great harm to several lives and destroy precious properties within a short time.


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