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10 Fire Prevention Week - Tips From a Fire Lieutenant

This is the Third Post to Celebrate Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Prevention Week! Safety Tips from a Fire Lieutenant

I am very passionate about Fire Safety! Not only have I experienced a house fire but I am married to a wonderful Firefighter!

Fire Safety Tips from a Fire Lieutenant

  • Stop by your local fire station and meet the Firefighters. Show your children that they are people in our community that help us.  Explain that they are real people (Fathers. Brothers or Mothers) who help during a fire.  Ask if they can see the fire gear.  The bunker gear and helmet might frighten a child during a real emergency causing them to hide!
Fire Prevention Week! Safety Tips from a Fire Lieutenant
  • Children may hide when scared causing an extremely dangerous situation, not only for the child but also the fire crew.  Often children hide in various places in the house creating a deadly game of hide and seek.  Talk to your children and explain that you must get out of the house during a fire. (If you practice Fire Drills chances are this won't happen)
  • Special needs? Let your station know...if you have a family member in wheel chair, bed ridden, deaf, blind... 
Fire Prevention Week! Safety Tips from a Fire Lieutenant
  • Teach your children how to call for help in an emergency.  (In North America you dial  9-1-1) Check if your community has the enhanced 911 system. If the enhanced system is in place and dialed someone unable to speak could put the phone down and help will come. Express the importance of ONLY using 9-1-1 in an EMERGENCY!
  • EVERY kitchen should have a Fire Extinguisher and EVERYONE should know how to use it. 
  • If you have a kitchen fire that you put out but the wall or ceiling is burned call to have the fire department check for fire extensions. (fires in wall or attic)
  • Always set a timer when cooking ~ just to remind you about water boiling or grease heating!
  • Never leave clothes dryer on when you leave the house!
  • Many fires are caused by build up in Dryer Vents and Chimney. Having these cleaned annually is imperative!
  • If you having ANY mechanical problems with your car DON'T park it in the garage. An auto fire then turns into a house fire.
  •   If you live in a two story house you MUST purchase a ladder.  Practice using the ladder! Teach your children how to secure and use the ladder!
  • Know where your gas and electrical shut off valve/panel is located for quick turn off.
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible and easy to see from the road! 
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These are some great tips to get you started.  This is in NO WAY a complete list.  

Fire Prevention Week! Safety Tips from a Fire Lieutenant

Home Fire Safety Must Haves

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Do you have any tips can you share? Did my hubby give you any ideas?
We hope so!
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Thanks for Reading!

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  1. This was such a good list to read. Especially about the little kids, I've never thought about that before! I'm sharing your post on FaceBook today!

    1. I NEVER thought about kids hiding as well. Todd said he would NEVER leave a child in a burning house and they waste so much time looking for them. Very dangerous situation that could be solved with a visit to the fire station and some great conversation with your children.
      I appreciate your reading and sharing this information Wendi!
      You are the BEST!

  2. Wow, I really need to step up our fire safety game. Need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, need to make our house number more visible from the street, need to get our dryer vent cleaned out...phew! But so important! Thanks for getting my gears turning with this.

    1. I'm so glad that this information helped you my friend!
      I NEED you to stay safe so get BUSY!!

  3. These tips are fantastic!! Last Christmas around 12/23 we made cookies and went with the kids down to the fire station to thank them for their hard work. We planned on just dropping them off and did NOT expect them to let us in and show the boys the engines and be so amazing. They were so nice.
    I am LOVING these tips. We do not have a fire extinguisher either. On the list!!

    1. Incredibly sweet to make them cookies to let you know you appreciate them (they LOVE that)
      Todd and his crew appreciate visitors, makes their job easier (and safer) if they ever have to go and assist that family.

      I'm glad they treated your family well and showed off the equipment to your boys! Who doesn't love cool tools??
      Have you bought a fire extinguisher yet?? Get on that...don't want ANYTHING to happen to you and your family!!

  4. Out local Fire Department just had an Open House for the community and we brought our kids. It was such a great event! My 2 year old got to go up into every fire truck, ambulance, and other vehicles there. He thought it was pretty awesome. We felt very confident in our fire department after our visit, they were so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.
    Thanks for the other tips! I keep saying we NEED to get a fire extinguisher for the house. I'm going to go pick one up today. And I don't know if every state has laws like this, but in MN every house built after a certain year, has to have a smoke alarm in every room... every single one. I hope more states start passing laws like that!

    1. I'm so glad you went to your local fire house and had an awesome experience!
      Have you bought that fire extinguisher yet? If not...please do! I want EVERYONE in your family to be safe!
      Love the laws about smoke alarms in every room! That is smart!!
      Thanks for reading Sabrina!
      Take Care!

  5. What an awesome list of tips Sharon. I need to go read the other posts as well. :)

  6. Great tips! And cute, personable blog post, too! People learn better from those they can connect to...nice work!



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