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10 Show Stopping Eye Brows

Beauty by Brianne ~  Eyebrows

Excited to share some advice from my oldest daughter, professional make-up artist/stylist, Take it away Brianne...

Always a trend and show stopper- brows are an amazing way to finalize a flawless look.

The additional definition and drama frames the face, expands the eye, and balances any masterpiece.

While the style of brows has changed over the years- thin to thick, it’s best to use your own face shape and natural brow structure to nail the perfect pair!

Create Show Stopping Eye Brows

Shaping the Eye Brow

Before dipping into product to emphasize brows, it’s important to ensure they are well groomed. Do you tweeze, wax, thread? Usually one of these methods is required for the ultimate eye brow. Some of you will have little excess hairs to tend to, others will require more removal. See your favorite salon and stylist to bring out the perfect shape!
I don’t have much excess growth so I prefer to use tweezers to groom. If this is a method you decide to try, see the diagram below.
It is important to follow this structure so your brow fits your face perfectly. Pluck only where necessary! Hold the tweezers or a pen of some sort to the inside of the eye. Holding the tool vertically, line it up with the outside of your nostril. Do you see where your brow should start? If you see additional hairs to the outside of the tool, towards the nose, then it’s time to remove! Using this technique, you can also find the perfect placement for arch and tail.

Darken ~ Dramatize ~ Define 

Once you’ve mastered the perfect shape- you can use products to darken, dramatize, and define. Some of my favorite products are powders, wax infused pencils, and gels. You can make this process as complicated as you desire.
Since this is one of my favorite facial features and I love perfection, I use all three. Most of my clients choose just one or two of these methods. Either way, it’s a game changer!

Brow Powder

Benefit ~ Sephora
Powder is a great option if you’re more interested in coloring versus defining the brow. A matte eye shadow in your color of choice works perfectly for this! Grab an angled brow brush, sweep pigment across, and you’re ready to go!
Urban Decay ~ Sephora

Urban Decay ~ Sephora
 If you’re looking to sculpt, shape, and darken the brow- many brands have created brow boxes, which include not only the shadow color but a colored wax as well. The wax should be applied first to achieve the shape and powder applied afterwards to set. You can find these boxes from brands such as Benefit, Urban Decay, and an entire starter set (luminizer and brush included) from Anastasia.
Anastasia ~ Sephora

Brow Pencils

Brow Wiz ~ Sephora

Brow pencils can be found in retractable and pencil forms. My personal favorites are Anastasia’s Brow Wiz (offered in many different shades) and Dior Brow Styler (offered in one universal shade).

Dior Brow Styler ~ Sephora
Both of these pencils are retractable and include a brush on the other end to diffuse and soften pigment. I love these tools for ultimate definition. This is how I achieve a high arch and sculpted tail. These pencils are also infused with wax so as you sculpt, it stays! Most of my clients grab one of these bad boys and are good to go. I prefer to begin with this, set with a darker powder to match my hair color, and follow with a gel.

Brow Gel

Anastasia ~ Sephora

A brow gel is an awesome way to finalize the ultimate shape or use entirely by itself! If you’re lucky enough to have a full brow that requires no filling in, use a clear gel to tame the stray hairs and keep those eye brows in line! I like to comb a little over my arch just to ensure it stays up and alive all day. Think of brow gel as a mild hair spray.

Anastasia ~ Sephora

Anastasia also sells brow tints, which are colored gels to comb through brows. Another great option for someone with a fuller brow.

When tending to brows, be sure to stick to a few cardinal rules:
  • Brows should be about two shades darker than hair color
  • Naturally, brows are lightest towards the center of the face and darkest towards the end of the tail
  • Don’t over pluck! A fuller brow will always look healthier. See your stylist!
Create Show Stopping Eye Brows

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  1. I agree! I definitely see a difference when I fill my brown in..big difference!

    1. I couldn't agree more! When Brianne did my brows for the first time I was shocked! Now I can't imagine not giving them some TLC!
      Thanks for reading Selene!

  2. thanks for the tips and for sharing at DIY Sunday Showcase.

  3. Awesome post! I can't wait to try this on mine...they are awful! lol
    Pinning now!


    1. Thanks for the "pin" Lisa! It is amazing how different I look with a little eye brow love!

  4. I feel like I look scary without some eye brow filling! Your daughter is breathtaking!

    Thank you for the tips. :)

    Kylie @ Absolutely Arkansas

    1. Thank you Kylie! As her Mama, I think she is beautiful too! Best part is?? She is just as beautiful on the inside!!
      I'm addicted to eye brow filling now too! I feel like I look so different without it!
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Gorgeous!!!! Such great tips! I struggle with my eyebrows! Thanks so much for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  6. My gosh Brianne I love it! Sharon your fab gal is just beautiful inside and out!
    And these eyebrows?? Brianne, we have an appointment. You, me, in the bathroom tomorrow at #FLBlogCon13. I'll bring the tweezers and you make my brows look like that. haha
    Love this! Pinning. xoxo


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