Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Show Stopping Eye Brows

Beauty by Brianne ~  Eyebrows

Excited to share some advice from my oldest daughter, professional make-up artist/stylist, Take it away Brianne...

Always a trend and show stopper- brows are an amazing way to finalize a flawless look.

The additional definition and drama frames the face, expands the eye, and balances any masterpiece.

While the style of brows has changed over the years- thin to thick, it’s best to use your own face shape and natural brow structure to nail the perfect pair!

Create Show Stopping Eye Brows

Sunday, August 18, 2013

1 First Day of School Photo Ideas

Tomorrow is the First Day of School for our city. There are mixed emotions from people I have spoken to this past week. Some are excited to have some free time and get back on a schedule, others are sad and can't imagine how quiet the house will be with out them.

Being an educator myself... my experience was different because my daughters and I all started school together.

One thing was certain...It was an exciting time and my camera worked overtime to capture these memories for years to come.

First Day of School Photos

I am in LOVE with the creative ideas I have discovered for FANTASTIC First Day of School Photos! Wish I could go back in time to use these ideas with my own two daughters....but since they are grown women... I'll share them with you!! Be sure to click on each picture to visit the original source!

Photo Program to Add Text


Saturday, August 17, 2013

15 Fellow Floridian Blogiversary Giveaway!

Happy Blogiversary to You...
Happy Blogiversary to You! 
Happy First Blogiversary This Silly Girls Life...
Dear Readers This Giveaway is for...YOU!!!
Win a Kindle Fire and more and This Silly Girl's Life Blogiversary Giveaway!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1 Books to Ease Back to School Jitters

Friday Favorite Five

Read Away those Back to School Jitters! Five book recommendations to help ease new school year fears..
Hi Ho... Hi Ho... it's off to work I go!

It has been a busy week as I started a new school year. (in a new position as The Reading Instructional Coach)

It doesn't matter that this is my 20+ year in education, I get nervous every year... just like the students!  
That nervous, exciting back to school energy is in the air!

Most students get these "Back to School Nerves"... so today I'm going to share 5 excellent picture books you can read to your children as the new school year begins.

Remember (here comes the Reading Coach in me) 
  • Children of ALL ages LOVE to be read to!
  • Picture books aren't just for babies. 
  • There are many life lessons to be learned through great literature.

Awesome Books to Ease "Back to School Jitters"

Friday, August 9, 2013

6 Friday Favorite Five


A kind word, gesture or a smile may mean more to someone then you ever imagined.
I just returned from a trip to Jersey...yes this Southern girl has roots at the shore.   I couldn't wait to see my wonderful family but this trip was bittersweet because my sister is battling cancer.  

Today, back at home, sitting on the back porch, watching my Rotties swim, reflecting on my week but feeling a little blue... I received an email from one of you...yes one of my wonderful readers out there decided to share some pictures she took of orchids while on vacation visiting her parents.  As I looked at the amazing photos Jackie sent, I smiled... thinking, how... incredibly... thoughtful!

A small gesture can change another person's day!
Photo Credit Jackie

Monday, August 5, 2013

31 Mod Podge ~ Favorite Pictures Flower Pot

How to Make a Mod Podge Favorite Picture Flower Pot. Brought to you by Life After Empty Nest

This year I am changing jobs...and rooms.  I've been teaching 4th grade reading for the past several years and decided to accept a Reading Coach position this year. 
Come on team...we can do it....Rah Rah READ!!!
No, really...Although I will cheer anyone get them to ADORE reading, in my new position I will work with teachers to improve reading instruction in their classrooms.

So what does this have to do with Mod Podge?? Well...I am trying to make my training room welcoming and cutesy (a classroom for grown-ups!)  I LOVE having plants and pictures of friends and family surrounding me at work so lets do the math...

Mod Podge + plants + pictures =  Favorite Picture Flower Pot
Look at me with that awesome equation and I don't even teach math!


How to Make a Mod Podge Favorite Picture Flower Pot. Brought to you by Life After Empty Nest

Friday, August 2, 2013

2 Friday Favorite Five

Happy Friday Sweet Friends!! Each Friday I share my Favorite Five things from the past week. They may be products I've tried, some way I've saved $$, an activity I a nutshell ~
the top 5 things that brought a SMILE to my FACE!

The summer has thrown me for a loop! I know...I dare I say that as a teacher! "You have the WHOLE summer off"
But summer has flow by and I find my self slightly depressed that I have not gotten many items checked off my "to do" list.  I am a huge PROCRASTINATOR and this is an area I am trying to improve...
This brings me to my first favorite item: