Saturday, June 29, 2013

0 Google Reader No More! (July 01st)

Google Reader User?


As of July 01 Google Reader will end retire!!  If this is the way you read your Blogs...including mine, you need a new reader TODAY.  

I will be DEVASTATED  if I  lose any of my are a few ways we can stay connected!! 

Follow me by Email ~ My Latest ~ Straight to Your Email!

Whenever I publish a new post you will be emailed within 24 hours. You will get a snippet of the post, if the topic interests you (please, please, please) click on the title in your e-mail and you will be transported to my little piece of Blog~Land named, Life After Empty Nest

Just fill out the box below and a verification email will be sent (just to make sure you're human and NOT a Robot ~ can you believe Robots want to follow me too?) 
Click on the verification link and are DONE! 
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Follow Me with Blog~Lovin

What is BlogLovin? It is a reader like Google Reader....I love how it displays your favorite Blogs.  Right now you can import ALL the Blogs you currently follow with Google Reader.  Sign up is easy!
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Other Ways We Can Stay Connected

You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Instagram  or email me at any time!
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Make a Girl's Day ~ Follow Me Everywhere!!

As you can imagine blogging is NO FUN if no one reads what you write! Blogging has become a BIG part of my life because I am meeting so many awesome people I would have never connected with otherwise....and that Fills My Nest!! BIG TIME

Thanks for Reading and Filling My Nest!

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