Sunday, June 23, 2013

15 Baskets Make It Better ~ Easy Shed Organization

Basket Organization

I have been spending much of my free time gardening these relaxation as I feed my plants...wait where is that fertilizer...I know I left my clippers right here....Has anyone seen my gloves???

Truth is...PURE FRUSTRATION because I couldn't find any of my gardening items when I needed them!! Zapping the joy right out of one of my favorite past-times.

Spending more time looking for what you need...

than doing what you intended??

That was my dilemma. I would get frustrated when I couldn't find my tomato fertilizer or garden I would run to the store and BUY THEM AGAIN!!  

Disorganization ~  Wastes Time and Money $$

I'm sure I MUST be the only person who does this....spends $$ on something they have but can't find!
I had to get my little Garden Shed in Order...FAST!!
Let me show you what I was dealing with....

 Horrid... I know....No WONDER I couldn't find anything!!
Lots of wasted space...and shelves that were sloping down....

No Organization AT ALL!
First thing I did was EMPTY it out!!
Then I SORTED items into several piles:
  • trash (there was a lot of this!!)
  • donate
  • Outdoor Protection - Bug Spray, Insecticide, Pruning Tar, etc.
  • Fertilizers and Plant Food
  • Gardening Tools
  • Miscellaneous

Basket Love

I have been purchasing LOTS of baskets lately from the Dollar Tree! They come in several colors and shapes. You can even buy them on-line if you don't have a store near you!! They make SUCH a difference when organizing a space for a CHEAP PRICE!!
(You can see how I organized my Pantry with Target baskets here)

I grabbed a few baskets and started organizing!!
My Hubby fixed the sagging shelf!
I found some spray containers to take special care of my orchids!
You can read how EASY it is to grow Beautiful Orchids by clicking on the picture below.

So MUCH Better right??

Easy Shed Organiaztion with Baskets


Crazy to add Labels to an Outdoor Garden Shed?? I find that Labels make me ACCOUNTABLE!! It is hard to put something in the WRONG place when the CORRECT place is CLEARLY STARING AT YOU!!
In the past few months I have been adding Labels ALL over the place!! You can follow my LABEL LOVE Board on Pinterest here.

I made some QUICK Labels on my Computer...

Placed labels on Baskets with some Velcro Dots...

In the Protect Me Basket I added Bug Spray for people and Plants
In the Feed Me Basket I added Plant Food/ Fertilizers
Placed Our FUN Pool Party Lights in a Quick to Grab Basket...just waiting for our next Gathering!

Time and Money Saved = Happiness!

When completing even the smallest Organizing Project I get a large sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT! Now I know where everything is and what I REALLY need to purchase before my next Gardening Day!

Want to see what else I have been ORGANIZING? Click here.

Lot's More DIY and Organization Projects in the Works!

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Do you get joy from small home projects like I do?? Tell me what you are working on! I'd LOVE to hear!!
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  1. I love it! I like the cute little printable you put on the front too. You did a really good job. i love your orchids! They're my favorite flowers. I hope you've had a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Leslie! I LOVE my orchids, now that I can find everything I need to take care of them I am sure they will be much happier!!
      I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. What amazing Orchids they are stunning!

    You had a ton of stuff in that shed,isn't it great to find out after all your hard work to see how much room you really have.You could even put a potters bench in there.Love the baskets,I too like to keep things neat and organized.Thank-you for a really good post.

  3. Great job! I so so need to do ours!

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive - we're focusing on garage, basement & shed organisation this week, Alice x

    1. So Funny Alice!! I already linked up!! Love your Clean out your archive Party!
      Happy Summer!

  4. Ohhh I love organized! You did a great job and I know you are smiling every time you open the doors!

    1. Organization does make me smile....before you know it...I'll have baskets and labels everywhere....I HOPE!
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi Sharon... I heart organization. Need to do a little work on my own garden shed. Hugs, Holly

    1. It was a place I never thought of "organizing" but boy it has saved me time. My plants are thanking me daily...for knowing where everything is to take care of them!!

  6. Hi lady!! I love the organized redo!! I have a few closets that need help. Come over. LOL
    Thanks SO much for sharing this at our "Best Of The Weekend party"!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I DO need to come visit you THIS SUMMER!!! Only a little over 2 hour drive!!!
      Thanks for hosting!

  7. So great! I bet it makes it really easy to find what you need and that always saves money. It is one of the reasons I like being organized. Great idea for my own shed, thanks!

    1. I have been able to find everything and that makes me happy!!
      Thanks for the visit K.C.!

  8. So awesome!! Don't you feel good when you rearrange, change, and organize?? I do! You did a GREAT job :-) Thanks for linking this up at the DIY Sunday Showcase :-) Jen

    1. Thanks for hosting Jennifer!

      I am so proud to say that rearranging and organizing are bringing happiness to my life! I am NOT organized (by birth)....I have to work HARD at it. That is why I share my simple steps to getting more really saves time and money...and that gives me joy!!
      Thanks for visiting!


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