Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

15 Baskets Make It Better ~ Easy Shed Organization

Basket Organization

I have been spending much of my free time gardening these relaxation as I feed my plants...wait where is that fertilizer...I know I left my clippers right here....Has anyone seen my gloves???

Truth is...PURE FRUSTRATION because I couldn't find any of my gardening items when I needed them!! Zapping the joy right out of one of my favorite past-times.

Spending more time looking for what you need...

than doing what you intended??

That was my dilemma. I would get frustrated when I couldn't find my tomato fertilizer or garden I would run to the store and BUY THEM AGAIN!!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

17 Sunkissed for Summer ~ Without the Sun

Beauty by Brianne

 Professional Make-up Artist 
and my oldest Daughter!
I am always the first to admit- I was a tanning ADDICT. Not only did I love the bronze glow for summer and beyond, I was convinced it made my skin look and feel better. I never had the patience for hours at the beach, so I would hit the tanning bed almost every day! Once I started working in the beauty industry, I discovered products that smoothed my skin and corrected the uneven tone and I no longer felt the need to tan to correct my skin concerns. A year and some change later and my mom can't even get me in the sun! I always wear an SPF, hat, and cover up whenever we're boating or spending time outside.

 While I no longer tan at all, there are many women (my beautiful mother included) that still want to achieve that delicious bronze glow. The harmful rays of the sun and damaging effects of a tanning bed are not your only option!

Monday, June 17, 2013

4 Summer "Bucket List" Features ~ Week Two

Summer for me is finally here! Last week I attended some Professional Development for next school year so today is my first official day and I want to make the MOST of EVERY MINUTE!! That is where this Summer Bucket List Party comes in...time to plan!

Our Summer Bucket List Link Party has been up for TWO WEEKS! Keep those ideas coming...we'll be partying through June!

Once again, we have some GREAT features for you this week, and we hope you enjoy them! :)

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I loved this Pepperoni Pizza Salad by Michelle @ Diary of a Humble Chef. I love pasta and I love pizza, and this looks DELISH!

Pepperoni Pizza Salad

Monday, June 10, 2013

2 "Summer Bucket List" Features Week~One

My last day with my students was Friday...only a few more days before my "Summer Officially Begins!"  Our Summer Bucket List Link Party has been up for a week already and we are making plans! Today we are sharing some GREAT features for you :) Enjoy!

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Loving this tutorial by Leslie @ Paper Daisy Designs on how to transform a chair into a super cute table for her patio!
How To Transfrom a Chair Into a Table
This is a Summer Bucket List Party, right? Had to feature this gorgeous homemade chalkboard bucket list sign by Deb @ Lake Girl Paints!

Chalkboard Summer Bucket List

I'm always on the lookout for better ways to store my crafty stuff. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet shared a great fabric storage idea and a fabric storage round-up definitely worth checking out!
Filing Your Fabric: Fabric Storage
And of course, summer wouldn't be summer without flip-flops! Megin @ VMG206 jazzed up some plain white flip flops into some fabulous footwear :)

Filing Your Fabric: Fabric Storage


Did you know there are 104 Day of Summer Vacation??!! Well Brenda at Chatting Over Chocolate has Summer ALL planned out for her family! It is easy to let the days slip away... but Brenda has an awesome system to make the MOST of Summer Vacation! Even though my nest is empty...a system like this would be fun for the Hubby and I as well!


Kristine @ The Foley Fam {Unedited}, Gabby @ Essentially Eclectic, and Marcy@ Day2Day SuperMom will ALL be sharing their personal favorite link ups at their blogs as well! Be sure to stop by their blogs {clicking their names above will take you there!} so you can see which link ups they loved!

If you were featured, feel free to grab a featured button for your blog!

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Don't forget to stop by next week for some more fab features! The party is still running for the next three weeks, so click on the picture to swing by, link up, and check out some other awesome summer ideas! Perhaps YOU will be featured next week!?
Thanks for filling my Summer Bucket!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

8 Perfect Summer Skin

Perfect Summer Skin. Using BB's and CC's.


Your Perfect Summer Skin ~ Using BB's and CC's

You've probably been seeing these everywhere- inexpensive at the drug stores, pricier in cosmetic stores, and splashed across every magazine...

But WHAT are BB and CC creams?! An alternative to foundation or an alternative to skin care? A primer or a sunscreen? Good news for us ladies, these creams do it all!


BB Creams

I like to think of BB creams (also referred to as Beauty Balm) as an amped up tinted moisturizer. They contain five benefits- prime, cover, moisturize, protect, and my personal favorite- skin care! Each brand brings a little something to the table.

If you're oily, Smashbox has created an awesome Camera Ready BB which provides shine control as well as preliminary anti-aging.

Dr. Brandt recently released his BB Matte with Signature Shinerase. Super mattifying and great for long term clarity as well as brightness for the skin!

Faces seeking hydration love Dior's Hydralife BB Cream. Intensely moisturizes with plant extracts while reversing the aging process.

And if you're looking for super anti aging, you should try my mom's fav- Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm. This fabulous product uses gold, which is a natural age erasing ingredient, to tighten and plump the skin while providing great coverage and an SPF 45+++!

I chose to ditch the foundation a long time ago- I only wear BB's! I like to layer mine under a great powder. This turns up the coverage and because the powder has something to stick to, the application is smooth and flawless!

You can also use a BB as a primer and skin perfecter under liquid foundation for ultimate coverage. On my days off or for trips to the gym, I'll wear the BB alone for lighter coverage and the appearance of an even tone. These little miracle workers are perfect for summer- especially if you live in the humidity like me!

CC Creams

Very recently, CC's were introduced to the market after BB's dominated the complexion category. These creams are incredibly similar to Beauty Balm with two major points of difference- Color Correcting and hydration. A CC cream focuses on one skin care concern- uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation. Instead of brands providing different skin care benefits within these products, the ingredients will differ.

Peter Thomas Roth has created a Camu Camu CC cream which is 30x more potent than Vitamin C. Talk about bright!

Clinique created a Moisture Surge CC so it color corrects and provides long lasting hydration- with an awesome medium coverage!

Ole Henriksen, one of my very favorite brands, just released their perfect truth CC which uses the same natural Vitamin C found in his super Truth Serum. And get this- they also released a CC for the eye! So perfect to layer under concealer for supreme and smooth coverage.

If you're searching for ease in your make up routine, these creams will be perfection for you!

Alone, under powder, under liquid- the options and looks are endless! An important tip to remember- although these creams provide moisture, it is still imperative to end your skin care routine with a moisturizer BEFORE applying the BB/CC. Even if you're oily, it's practically impossible to over moisturize, so layer it on and spoil your skin!

Not sure which brand to try? Does your skin need a BB or CC? Ask me anything, I'm always listening! Click here to read more Beauty By Brianne.
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