Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Friday's Favorite Five

I've decided to start a "tradition" on my brand new blog.... each Friday I will share my Favorite Five things from the past week.  They may be products I've tried, some way I've saved $$, an activity I a nutshell ~ the top 5 things that brought a SMILE to my FACE!

Here we GO...

 Free Coffee at Starbucks!

 Earlier in the week I downloaded this coupon. When I used it, the kind barista said, "Keep the Coupon because you can reuse it!"
That means FREE coffee until March 31st!


Daylight Savings Time!

Even though I had a harder time adjusting this year, I absolutely LOVE having several hours of daylight after I arrive home from work each day! I feel like I have more "me" time and I likey!


Welcome Spring ~ Hello Orchids

 I was able to add some new orchids to my collection and some of my babies have new buds! Todd is being a great sport as I drag him look at the miniscule growth on a daily basis!

Now that spring is here, I can get outside and get my hands dirty...let's see what else I can grow!


Rubbermaid's Bento Box ~ Great Organization Tool!

I discovered an awesome storage tool that I plan on using with my upcoming desk organization project!

These boxes have bendable sides that you can adjust depending on your needs! More to come when I showcase my Office Clean Up!


Lesson of the Week ~ Always Look at the World Through a Child's Eyes!

As I was walking into the Elementary School where I teach this week a 1st grade student called out to me to look...

"Do you know what this means?" he asked, "Today everyone in the whole school is going to have a great day!"
I snapped a pic with my phone to share with my students and you know what? It was a GREAT DAY!

What were your Favs this week? Leave me a comment and share!

Happy Weekend Friends!
Thanks for Reading!


  1. My 5 favorite things this week were:
    1. Got to pick up my first born child from train station. He usually travels by plane but LOVED the train ride home from Ft. Lauderdale.
    2. Second born child came home for the weekend and surprised me! His Daddy was in on the surprise and didn't tell me.
    3. Cooked some meals for my sweet Mama and took them to her.
    4. Went to lunch at CA Pizza Kitchen with a dear friend.
    5. Read your awesome blog! (Have read all of your posts but this is the first one I've commented on.) P.S. LOVE all of your posts!!

    1. Oh Carroll, Thank you for sharing your 5 Favorite Things!! I LOVED reading them! Family and Friends are the center of it all! So lucky to have those people we love dearly!
      I appreciate your "blog support" I am thrilled to have you as a reader!
      We need to make time to see each other soon!


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