Thursday, March 28, 2013

8 Buying Domain Name Not Easy as Promised

 New Domain Brings Happiness

 It's crazy...the little things that bring a HUGE smile to your face! The accomplished feeling of...I DID IT!!!

When I first started Life After Empty Nest....I NEVER knew what a learning experience it would be! (Can I get an "Oh Yeah!"...from my fellow blogger buddies)

As a teacher, I thrive on new learning, it is part of my soul! Well I'm getting a HUGE dose of it BABY!

My computer knowledge guru is our dear friend TJ.  This guy KNOWS his stuff! SMARTY PANTS!

While we were chatting about my blog the other day, he told me that I should buy the domain name if it was available. Well, when TJ talks (about anything web related) Sharon listens!

After TJ left I hopped online and purchased my domain name through blogger.  A few minutes later I recieved the confirmation e-mail! was MINE!

Success right?? The directions in Google said it was simple and easy....the site would redirect on its own.  NOT TRUE!

So for the past 4 days I have worked on this EASY TASK!! It is ALL I have been thinking about. How can I fix this? What am I missing?

After A MILLION Google searches...
reading discussions blogs...
actually posting in a discussion blog...
(Thankfully I'm on Spring break so I didn't have to call in sick)


Finally Figured it Out!

Thanks to one FANTASTIC blogger out there who gives the best directions, The Real Blogger Status, I am LIVE and running!


Having the Same Problem?

I'll be GLAD to point you in the right direction to fix this issue.  (Mine started with the welcome email link that didn't work.)

Spring Break Resumes

I had numerous plans for posts I'd write over my break...but sometimes the best laid plans get side tracked! Now that this issue is resolved I'm off to meet some friends for lunch and see what other trouble I can get into...

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Hmm... not that I am ready to support my own site now, but maybe I should get the domain while it is available just in case. Might be reaching out to you ;)

    1. You should buy it if available! It's only $10 a year! My blog is still supported by blogger, I still update and write the same it just goes through the other web address!

      Even though it wasn't as easy as I planned it was totally do-able! If I had proper instructions instead of having to search for them...But all in all I'm THRILLED to have it now!
      Let me know if you do it!

  2. Blogger used to just link it up for automatically for you when you bought through them and now I hear it's tough. Nitecruzr is great! I've gotten lots of advice from him!

  3. I switched from a blogspot to owning my own url and it was easy because I did it through blogger in February and it was no problem at all. I had NOTHING TO DO at all. I'm glad I did it back then! :)Take care, Linda

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    1. Thanks for sharing this information Dave. I should have registered for longer because I want my domain indefinitely!
      I appreciate you stopping by!


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