Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Valentine's Day Brunch

It's my turn to host our monthly get together for a group of girlfriends I started couponing with.  I figured since Valentine's Day is approaching and I HEART this group of girls, the theme's a no brainer!


Which Meal?

We normally do dinner on Friday after a long week of work. Although extremely happy to spend time together, we are tired and unfortunately don't last long. (old age...he he)
So... I took a poll and everyone liked the idea of a Saturday Brunch! (much better for old folks!)


First stop... Dollar Tree!

 I needed some coffee cups and mimosa glasses!  I am amazed how great the quality is for $1!

 I also found a divided tray for fruit and some hearts to decorate the tables!  


I made one of my favorites Eggs in a Hashbrown Basket

(Click on the picture for the recipe or a link for all the recipes will be at the bottom of this post)

In these delicious delights you press hashbrowns into a muffin tin.  I think Simply Potatoes are perfect for this dish!

After they cook to form a basket, you top with an egg, cheese, and cooked crumbled bacon! YUM-O!

Click picture for recipe

A variety of salad fixings and an amazing Balsamic Rosemary Vinaigrette from Martha Stewart.

Click on picture for recipe

Strawberries & Apples with my daughter Shelby's all time favorite Fruit Dip!
(8oz cream cheese and a container of marshmallow cream, plus a splash of amaretto!)

Morning Glory Muffins made with love by my dear friend Kim!

Click on picture for recipe 

Last but NOT specialty Death by Chocolate...Valentine's Day Style!

Click on picture for recipe
I used Valentine M & M's for the Top to add some Holiday Color

All We Need is Love!

Getting ready for the festivities!

A coffee and tea station with the fantastic Dollar Tree mugs!

Tea Bags in a Heart Shaped Basket

Add Some Red Flowers

Table runners made of burlap for some contrast. I LOVE the look!
Burlap purchased at Hobby Lobby

Shelby folds the napkins into hearts...ADORABLE and EASY!

Click on the picture to learn how to make there cuties!

Homemade Magnetic Initial Bookmarks for each guest with the coupons and the weekly ads!
If you want to know how to make these bookmarks click here

Leftover M & M's from the Death by Chocolate in a wire heart basket

The Guests Arrive!

The work is DONE! Now time to kick back with a Mimosa, eat some festive food, and enjoy some "Girl Time"!

Shelby Relaxing After Helping her Mama!

I HEART My Friends!

Cherry on Top ~ My Girls Came Home for the Weekend!

Food Table in the Kitchen

Brunch in the Dining Room

Great Food + Friends = Happiness!

 Awesome Kickoff to the Weekend!

When my last guest left my stomach hurt...NOT from the FOOD, but from hours of LAUGHTER!

Newbie Inspiration

Our newest member, Sarah, who is expecting, was so inspired by the conversation that she stopped by Publix on her way home to stock up on her favorite diapers, Huggies! She saved $60 on these babies!!
She sent me the pic from her phone!
To read more on how to save money on your groceries click on my saving tab or here!

I will add all the recipe links that are not included tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day Week! 

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Oh Sharon, what a wonderful brunch this was. Wish I was there. I love Dollar Tree. I can really spend lots of $ there. I think a couponing group is a great idea. xo

  2. Thanks Barbara! It was fun! I LOVE saving $...Why pay full price if you don't have to, right? Do you coupon? If so check out my saving section for LOTS of tips!
    Have an amazing weekend!


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