Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 My First Blogging Month in Review!

Happy Anniversary to ME!

Over 1,300 Visits this Month!


Time Flies when you're having Nana used to tell me, and she was RIGHT!  I can't believe my blog is already a month old!

In a way, it seems like I have been blogging for much longer but in other ways it seems like just yesterday when I finally got the courage to put my thoughts and life on the "web"!

My Inspiration

As Mothers, we work hard to raise our children with the strength to take risks and overcome obstacles. What amazes me is when they become adults this action is mirrored towards their parents.

My wonderful daughters have become my cheerleaders! They are the reason I started Life After Empty Nest!
You can read more about that here.




Shar-on Loves to Share

Super corny but so TRUE!

Whenever I try something new and it works or I actually figure out something awesome on my own...I LOVE to SHARE that idea with friends.

My friends joke that I should be a commercial for the things that work for me or ideas I love!


My plans for upcoming posts include sharing our Unbelievable Renovations as we have been Kicking the 80's out of our House!

I hope some of the tips and ideas I have shared with you in this first month have been put to use!
I know some of you are Saving Money!! 

Saving Money Spreadsheet

Are you using the database that tracks your savings that I wrote about here?

One of my goals for 2013 is to track the money I'm saving through coupons.  I am so excited with how the year has started for me!!

I have SAVED over 50% at Publix in January!  You can read how to do this here!

What about you?? How are you doing? Any questions?
Anything to teach me? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

I Know You're Out There!

I get so EXCITED when I see that people are reading my BLOG!

To date I have over 1300 views!! 

My goal is to get more READERS and to HEAR what you are thinking!!

So PLEASE make my day and leave me a COMMENT!! 

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I'm looking forward to MANY more MONTHS of FUN!

From the Bottom of my HEART,
Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on your first month! I've started using coupons at Publix and saved more than I spent the other day! It's like a game! I love it! Thanks!!

    1. Aww thanks! I am so thrilled that you are saving money! Great feeling when you save more than you spend...I love the thrill of the game as well!
      Thanks for reading!


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