Saturday, February 23, 2013

5 Mac User? Target Coupon Issue FIX!

I am EXTREMELY excited with the news this morning that Target is working on the coupon issue for us Mac users!

For those of us that shop at Publix and use Target as a competitor, this has been a BIG issue!  I have talked to many other Mac users, like me, who were very frustrated!  If you want to learn how to save money through couponing click here.

Frustration Over!

I followed a few simple steps this morning and was able to print the Target coupons! (The also look print outside the expiration more weird looks from cashiers who want to say something, but since it is Publix, they don't)


Here are the SIMPLE directions I followed thanks to Karen at Saving the Family Money!

Karen said - 

First you need to change Safari to open in 32-bit mode.  Don’t worry, it’s easy!
  • Quit Safari
  • Open Finder and go to your Applications Folder
  • Right click on Safari and click “Get Info”You will see the option of “Open in 32-bit mode” Check the box

  • Reopen Safari
  • Head to and try to print a coupon.  I recommend one you don’t actually want, just to test.
Hopefully this works for many of you!  Some of you may get the message to download the “CatalinaSavingPrinter” and this is going to help you print.

About Time!

This was such a SIMPLE fix, Todd will be thrilled that I don't have to push him away from his IBM for a "coupon printing" emergency!!

If you would like to read more of Karen's blog, click here.

Happy Saving Saturday!
Thanks for Reading!


  1. What about printing from an Ipad? We have our Ipads set to print wirelessly to the printer in the house, but I am not having an luck printing coupons from most sites from my Ipad.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Donna!
      Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to print Target coupons from an iPad but there is one app you can download for printing coupons that I LOVE! (I print from my iMac, iPad and iPhone and am able to get 6 coupons on favorite items!)
      Go to the app store and search for "coupons". It is from with a blue background and a banner that says coupons. Best of all it is FREE!
      Let me know if you try it and what you think!

      Anyone else have an idea for Donna (and me?) Being able to print those Target coupons from a tablet or phone would be AWESOME!

    2. I would love to learn more about how u print from from your iPad. What version do you have. I have an iPad 2 & it won't let me print. What media do you have the coupon installers open up in? I even read directly on the website that they are currently working on getting Mac users with anything less than a 10. whatever operating system, which mine is a 6.1.3, to function with their program. I read so many reviews & consumer reports time & again stating how much better an iPad is over all the major competitors but I have been let down in so many ways. There are so many tablets on the market that do the simplest of tasks that I want to accomplish that my version at least of the iPad cannot perform. It was a Xmas gift from my parents & I wish I had just asked for a laptop instead. It would have spared me quite a few headaches & wouldn't have to rely on others to print off coupons for me. I mean how pathetic is replacing somebody else's ink cartridges after just purchasing a brand new printer to accommodate air printing because you've used up all their ink trying to save money on products that you can actually get use of. I apologize for the ranting and all the Mac fans; just frustrated, I know there has to be solutions to the quandaries I have. Anyway, I appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. Thank you much.

    3. I can only print coupons from the app I have downloaded to my iPad. (see above directions to download)
      I understand your frustration. I am a HUGE MAC proponent, but I have an iMac (desk top) as well as my iPad. There are MANY things that can't be done with the iPad. I use my iPad for convenience but the iMac for major stuff.
      If I had to choose between the two, like you, I would want the lap top.
      No problem ranting...sometimes technology can be VERY frustrating!


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