Thursday, February 21, 2013

1 Cupcakes Filled With Love

My little fourth grade darlings, finished their compliment chain last Friday....and as our agreement CLEARLY states:

"When chain and floor do teacher will provide a treat!"

So I  spent part of President's Day doing one of my favorite things....BAKING!

Heart Filled Cupcakes

When I was planning my Valentine's Brunch a few weeks ago, I was searching for any "heart" themed things when I stumbled upon the most adorable picture on Pinterest. (When you clicked on it there were no directions but I thought I could figure it out)...I knew my students would LOVE these cupcakes. Instead of being put the frosting in!

I shopped around and finally found a small enough heart shaped fondant cutter at Michaels ...perfect for the job!

I make cupcakes following the directions according to Duncan Hines!

I LOVE red velvet....and the teacher should be happy too...right??

A trick my Nana taught me:
Always put a small amount of water in any unfilled cupcake tins.  Does anyone else do this?

I waited until the cupcakes were completely cooled and cut out the center with the fondant cutters.  (cookie cutters may work better if you can find them small enough)

Let me just say....there may be a business in cupcake holes (in this case hearts) YUM!

I filled with pink frosting and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

CUTENESS was born!!

Off to school in my handy cupcake carrier! (made by Rubbermaid and purchased at Target)

Kid Tested and Approved!

My students LOVED them.  They asked, "Can we always have the frosting IN?"

Now I need some other shapes... Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

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