Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 February Recap

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of February! Time flies when your having fun!

I have enjoyed sharing my February with you. It has been an awesome month as a new blogger. I've learned more about HTML then I ever imagined....realized that it can take several hours to make a minuscule change to your blog...but I am LOVING every minute!

Monthly Favorites

At the end of each month I am going to recap some of my favorite posts.

I hosted a Valentine's Day Brunch, for my fellow coupon clippers, and was THRILLED that my daughters came home to attend.

Got a bit more organized in the Pantry!

Finally made myself some Chalkboard Wine Glasses!

Shared how we kicked the 80's out of the Guest Bathroom.

Celebrated my First Month of Life After Empty Nest!

What's Next....???

I'm looking forward to what March and Spring will bring!

Thanks for Reading!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

122 Kicking the 80's Out of the Guest Bathroom!

Home Sweet Home

When we bought our home, which was built in 1980, we were looking at her bones!  Location....Neighborhood...Size...2 fireplaces...screened in pool! My husband kept reminding me..."the rest we can CHANGE!"

My Visionary...My Better Half

Todd, my husband, can see the potential in spaces... he is also EXTREMELY "handy"! 

So.... for the past 10 years we have been kicking the 80's out of our Home!

Hideous Guest Bath


This is what we started with! Notice the Beautiful wallpaper....and the dividing wall with lattice? (That lattice was EVERYWHERE in my house!)

Pretty awful huh?

NONE of this was my creation!  We moved in and dealt with it until...we could DEAL with it NO LONGER!


This was not going to be a total demolition! We wanted to give her a major facelift...

I LOVE the tile, so we decided to keep that.

The toilet and tub were functioning fine so, in order to keep costs low, we decided to keep those as well.


Yes, THREE layers of WALLPAPER! All fashionable in their time and place....but removing that with out destroying the walls took me a WEEK! 


We removed the "Lattice Wall" and the drop down light fixture from above the vanity.

I'm seeing the potential the openness without the wall!

Mirror and Vanity Removal

New Ceiling and Some Drywall

Some days we worked well into the night.. Luckily Todd installed the new recessed lighting.  

The recessed light above the toilet is also the exhaust fan! (It is on a switch all by itself) 

What Color????

I LOVE the tile, it's filled with tons of colors!  I wanted to pick out a shade that is  unnoticeable at first glance.  

I decided to go with Sherwin-Williams
~ Peacock Feathers ~
(third color down)

 Todd finished the ceiling...against the blue I am falling in LOVE....she's GORGEOUS!!

 Fresh white paint for the doors and molding!

New Vanity

We bought this vanity at Lowe's.  We opted for two sinks instead of only one like before.   I love vanitys that look like a piece of furniture!

We bought the mirrors in Orlando at the GREATEST Place on Earth... IKEA!!

Our next step is a new window and replace the shower/tub framing.

In the meantime...I'm Happy as a CLAM!

Tons of work...but so worth it when it's DONE...(almost)


Let's revisit the transformation!! I'll be's painful to look at what we were living with BEFORE!!

FINALLY a guest bath...good enough for GUESTS!

Tell me what you think!! Any window suggestions?

Anyone  else kicking the 80's out of your home?

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