Saturday, January 19, 2013

0 Magnetic Bookmarks DIY

Hold My Page!

 A few years ago a friend gave me the coolest bookmark! I never have to worry about it falling out of my book when I pick it up because it is magnetic!!

D.I.Y. Time! 

I knew my students would LOVE these bookmarks, so to celebrate Literacy Week, we created our own!

  • First I went to Hobby Lobby and bought business card magnets. 

  • They were $2.99 for 10 business cards. 

  • I gathered some card stock in assorted colors.

  •   Found an old bookmark to use as a template

  •  My wonderful friend/volunteer, Melissa,  got busy cutting!
(She is AMAZING)

  • I asked that when she scored them she did it unevenly, so the bookmark could be opened with ease. Mine can be difficult to open... and these are for children's hands!

  • Next she cut each business card into thirds, and then each third in half.  This way you can make 3 bookmarks from each magnet.  The pack I bought makes 30 bookmarks!
  • Now my students started to decorate! 
  • They took the adhesive off one piece of magnet and placed it on the inside of the bookmark. (We decided the lower the magnet was placed the better it works!)
  • Then they placed the other magnet right on top of the already placed magnet, removed the adhesive and then closed it.  Doing it this way ensures the magnets line up!

Take a look and see how adorable they turned out!!

My students said, "These are so cool!"

So they MUST be!!


BRAINSTORM - These would make GREAT Valentines!

 I started thinking about our class Valentine's Day Exchange...
that will be here before you know it! 

Those boxes of store Valentines can cost more than the pack of magnets I bought! 
(Remember each pack of magnets makes 30!)

Plus those Valentines just get thrown out.  

These Valentines would be "A Keeper!"

Visit your local scrapbooking store, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, and grab some heavy weight scrapbook paper in a Valentine pattern! 
(Don;t forget to use the 40% - 50% off coupons in Sunday's paper!)

Write your Valentine's Day message on the inside!  


I'll be making some of these this weekend!!

Hope this gave you some ideas!!
Happy Crafting!

Thanks for reading!

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