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1 Explore Your City While Supporting the Locals

Supporting the Locals

I try to support the Local/Small business community whenever I can! 

Partly because my husband, (in his spare time when he isn't a firefighter) owns a small business.  I know how hard it is for him to compete with "The Big" Guys.

 Also, I believe, the best stores and restaurants in Northeast Florida are local businesses! 

Finding the Locals

Since I live in a big city it can be hard to find the locals.  That's why I love the idea behind LeanLocal.

LeanLocal can help you find and support local businesses in your area! LeanLocal is a grassroots movement to support local businesses.

Imagine how ecstatic I was when my daughter, Brianne, was cast in their commercial!

Click on the picture to see what LeanLocal is all about!

Find the Locals Using Your Smartphone


Or Your Home Computer



Ever try a Groupon?



Another way I find out about local places and am willing to try them out (because there is a DISCOUNT) is through Groupon. 


What's a Groupon?

I'll let the people at Groupon explain that to you...
"We came up with the idea for Groupon as an antidote to a common ailment for us city-dwellers: there's so much cool stuff to do, but the choice can be overwhelming. With so many options, sometimes the easiest thing is to go to a familiar restaurant, or just stay at home and watch a movie. As a result, we miss out on trying all the cool things our cities have to offer. Groupon makes it simple by offering only the best businesses in your area. And by leveraging The Point's framework for collective buying, Groupon is able to offer deals that make it very difficult to say no."

 I LOVE Groupon!  

Save Money and Have FUN!


Here are just a few of the things I've tried with a Groupon!
  • nail salons
  • bowling 
  • restaurants
  • car washes
  • car detailing 
  • ghost tours
  • snorkeling with manatees
  • pub crawls
  • massages/facials

They have TONS of other stuff too!

Another cool thing is... I've looked at places we plan on visiting and purchased Groupons for cheap sightseeing while on vacation!

Ready to Get Started?

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Have Some FUN!

Grab a Groupon or try out LeanLocal!!

Let me know what you find!! I'm always ready to try out something new!

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. I have been using the car detailing services in SF Bay Area from last 3 years by using Groupon and I enjoyed it because not only you, I also love Groupon.


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