Friday, December 28, 2012

0 Why start a blog... "Life After Empty Nest"?

I was touched by tragedy at a very young age...5 years and 10 months to be exact.  That was how old I was when I lost my Mother.  I don't second guess why that crucial person was taken from me, I have always believed everything happens for a reason.  And happen it did, I was adopted by my Mother's Sister and her husband, they provided a wonderful life for me and I grew up extremely happy and very loved!

So WHAT does that have to do with me and this blog? Well that event made me want to be a Mom ever since I was very little. I wanted to be the BEST Mom on Earth and be able to stay on Earth for longer than 6 years of my child's life.

Many years later, I married, Todd, my high school sweetheart and was blessed with two daughters Brianne and Shelby.

I loved every minute of Mommy-hood, they were the center of my world, everything revolved around them...and then they GREW-UP!  I'm not sure how it happened...but it quickly!

It was tough, leaving them at college, but it was even harder coming home. I only knew how to be a Mom but now I wasn't sure how to be...what to be....what to do....? Lot's of questions and not many answers.

At first, I dove into work,  (I'm a 4th grade reading teacher) which was easy to do but I knew I needed more.  This blog is where I plan to share how I am dealing with "Life After Empty Nest" My new passions and hobbies...and those dreadful, sad, days when I miss "My Girls" more than usual.

I hope you will follow my journey and share your thoughts and feelings with me.

And, YES, there is Life After Empty Nest (A FUN and organized one!)

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